Sundays are for Rejuvination!

I love Sundays! It’s the day I give myself permission to chill! It’s my day to feed my soul. It’s also the day I get to do any fun things I like to do. Since I am working full time and building my business on the side, there isn’t always a lot of downtime for me but SUNDAYS!!! Yaay!

As a child growing up I always attended church on Sundays. I no longer attend church regularly, there were some not so fun incidents in my life that turned me away from church, but not from God or the spirituality I so love and enjoy. Attending church is not something I necessarily miss, however, it did instill in me the need for a day of rest. A day to recharge, reflect on the week prior as well as prepare for the week coming up.

A wise business man once told me “If every day is a work day then you don’t need to get anything done on the work days” Rest is important. Rejuvenation even more so. In order to be effective, you must rest.

What do you do on Sunday’s? Do you attend church? Do you prepare for your week ahead, have dinner with family? Whatever it is, I do hope you take time to enjoy your Sunday. Everyone needs a day of rest so do that, at the very least.


Making it up as you go???

I hear some version of the above statement from entrepreneurs and business people/executives all the time, especially those at the very top.

It doesn’t matter what your profession is, or if you are an employer or entrepreneur, or solo-preneur, at some point in your career,there is that limb that you just have to go out on.  Being brave above our experience, is part of the initiation into life. 

Out on a limb.

Look, we are all pretty smart people, we’ve learned a lot through both our wins and our failures, from people mentoring us and from us passing that on and mentoring others. Rarely are we born with intuitive leadership skills.

As leaders it is impossible to be ready for every outcome.  Leaders have nothing more, than the guts to go into the unkown, and the wisdom to appreciate what they don’t know.  They learn and continue to learn, always accumulating, never stopping.  Reading,listening and growing along the way.

 We don’t actually talk about this enough.  Everyone feels outmatched at times; everyone grapples with some version of ‘imposter syndrome’. However, we tend to suffer alone silently hiding it like some embarrassing secret.  Like so many things though we are usually in good company.  Nobody’s saying what they feel, even though everyone is feeling the same thing!

So lets’s say it!

Be Bold, Be Brave.

 I have learned to say it all the time, often the person or persons thank me for being so honest and open, because most are feeling the exact same things and hiding their feelings.

Everyone is making it up as they go.

We are not alone!

When we feel intimidated or worry we’re not up to a task or feel at loss for the right answer, let this be our guide:

      Nobody inherently belongs.

      Nobody is ready from the start.

      Nobody has the answer already prepared and….Nobody sees  you as an    imposter any more that they see themselves that way.

Let’s give each other permission (without judgement) to learn in a way best suited to them. The best we can do, is appreciate the feelings, share them, and have the courage to step into the arena anyway.

We learn as we go!  Enjoy the ride, help others along the way!

Be Brave