General Admin Services

Office Admin

Feel like your spinning in circles, trying to get everything done. Enter…. the administrative professional. An in-house administrative professional can cost you upwards of $3000mo. Save yourself some much needed capital and still get the job done!

Email Management and Client Care $227.00/ month

  • 15 min/day 5 days a week.  24 hour turnaround

Basic bookkeeping  $180/mo

  • Account reconciliation, billing, invoicing and bill paying.  Based on 1 hr per week.

Document Management. $180/mo

  • Proofread, edit and send documents – Based on 1 hr/week

Calendar Management $90/mo

  • Booking appointments and programming reminders . Based on 2 hrs/mo

Transcription $375/mo

  • Simple audio transcription.  Based on 2 hrs/wk
  • Transcription that is hard to understand and requires research will be subject to additional charges.

General Admin Package $1000.00/mo. Includes all the above services

Email Management Packages

  • 15 min/day 5 days a week.  24 hour turnaround $227.00/mo
  • 15 min/ day twice a day/ 5 days a week 24 hour turnaround.  $400.00/mo.

Additional Possible Services

  • Voicemail
    • Check and screen voicemail
  • Correspondence,
    • Business writing & cover letters, reports, proposals, manuscripts, manuals, catalogs, forms & templates in MS Office, menus, handouts, surveys, newsletters, creating PDF documents
  • Spreadsheet
    • Design, prepare and maintain spreadsheets, database management, forms and templates in Excel, create charts and graphs for spreadsheets
  • Powerpoint
    • Design presentations, handouts
  • Web-based research (non-legal)
    • Research with written reports
  • Transcription of Legal Briefs from dictation
  • Database Services
    • Database design & data entry
  • Special Customer Service
    • Send cards, e-cards, or gifts after sales follow-up calls, special occasions, etc.
  • Meeting/Event Preparation

Invitation & RSVP coordination, PowerPoint