Fail with Grace

Currently I work in Optical, I used to work in  a law firm – corporate law.  During my time there we hired a young lady for one of the positions that had been vacated.  It was a very interesting experience to watch this young lady struggle with learning.  She didn’t take direction well at all.  She won’t or doesn’t read the notes that were typed up for her to follow and the first words out of her mouth are always “I know”…..and yet, clearly she doesn’t know.

The position this person has taken over is in the Family Law area.  This area requires focus and attention to detail.  Children’s lives are at stake in this area, the future of marriages and the dynamics in the homes of many people.  In other words, this position requires her to be “on the ball”!

Despite the meetings and the offers of help, she continually trips up every single day.  Everyone around her is frustrated from trying to teach her.  She alienates herself from the group as well, unfortunately doing everything wrong.

If you were ever in this situation at any time in your life you may or may not see yourself in this picture, even for a moment!

To the frustrated people around me, I try to give her accolades for showing up day after day, even though she is in hot water more than she’s out of it.  It seriously takes some intestinal fortitude to keep showing up.

To the young lady or man who is reading this and is sooooo not open to advice (you know who you are) and to those of you finding yourself in this picture….

Here is a piece of advice I’d like to give you…, I don’t know you, but sometimes that is even better.  Fail with grace!

What do I mean by that?  Admit your mistakes, say “I screwed up”, it gives you permission to make more mistakes and people will have way more respect for you than if you try to hide it.  If you’ve never done the job before, how are you supposed to know.  This is all under the assumption you didn’t lie on your interview.   (That’s for another day.)

The greatest gift you can give yourself……… is to give yourself permission to not know it all.

This is easier said than done but once you do it, it gets easier and its a better way to live.

Growing as Gracefully as Possible!

Be Brave!


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