Sundays are for Rejuvination!

I love Sundays! It’s the day I give myself permission to chill! It’s my day to feed my soul. It’s also the day I get to do any fun things I like to do. Since I am working full time and building my business on the side, there isn’t always a lot of downtime for me but SUNDAYS!!! Yaay!

As a child growing up I always attended church on Sundays. I no longer attend church regularly, there were some not so fun incidents in my life that turned me away from church, but not from God or the spirituality I so love and enjoy. Attending church is not something I necessarily miss, however, it did instill in me the need for a day of rest. A day to recharge, reflect on the week prior as well as prepare for the week coming up.

A wise business man once told me “If every day is a work day then you don’t need to get anything done on the work days” Rest is important. Rejuvenation even more so. In order to be effective, you must rest.

What do you do on Sunday’s? Do you attend church? Do you prepare for your week ahead, have dinner with family? Whatever it is, I do hope you take time to enjoy your Sunday. Everyone needs a day of rest so do that, at the very least.


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